We are here to help business owners who want to improve their digital presence.

We understand that being a business owner means you have to take on many roles and you may feel confused or overwhelmed when it comes to digital marketing.

Our range of marketing services can be tailored to suit the needs of your business and specific goals. We are a small business and strive to create success for our clients therefore we only offer services that we truly believe will transform your business.


Website Design

Use your website to illustrate the identity of your business – your values, offerings, passions and access to further information. Websites are a great springboard for customers to get in touch. 

Having a professional, polished looking website that functions easily and offers customers easy navigation, strong images, professional-quality content and an engaging experience is key. 

With this service, we will complete a comprehensive assessment of your business and understand how we can optimise your one of a kind website. One of the key benefits of working with Wee Blue is the assurance that your website is unique to your business and online goals. 

We believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to website design therefore it is ensured that each element will be tailored to make the most of your business. 

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Graphic Design

We use digital tools to create unique designs to help your business to stand out. Projects include designing print and digital advertising and the creation of promotional materials and signage.

We will ensure the design of your business is always carefully planned and considered. All design elements send out a message to your audience, therefore we must ensure it is one you wish to portray. 

Once you begin creating a stunning design theme for your business, we will ensure it is consistent across all platforms to provide you with a powerful, cohesive voice and image that your customers will instantly relate to. 


Social Media Management

Our social media strategy will be created to optimise your goals, using unique content creation and noteworthy copywriting to create an engaging space for your customers. Social media management can span several platforms to ensure your marketing strategy is carried out in the places that best accommodate your business. 

When managed correctly, social media can be a fantastic and extremely fruitful tool in keeping your business at the forefront of your customers' minds ahead of other competitors. 

Through working with Wee Blue Digital, we can create a social media space where you can sincerely illustrate the heart of your business and share what you are passionate about. 

Social media is an inspiring space which provides your business with a creative and engaging page allowing two-way communication with your customers.


Business Branding

We provide a range of design services to help business owners establish a reputable and recognisable brand. Such services include logo design, business cards, brochures, branding stickers and other promotional materials.

Most printed materials are designed with the addition of QR codes to maintain a strong digital presence. QR codes can be linked to your company website, social media channels, or other important business information - making your brand even more accessible to your valued customers, while maintaining an interactive element.

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